Who creates here for you?

    I am an artist, also on the path of a priestess.
The one that inspires and helps other women
to return to their roots, to their essence.

My tool is art - especially visual (illustrations and paintings), but I also enjoy to create by words and voice.

The fuel for my life and art is learning about my soul and developing myself. On such a way a world full of magic opened in front of me and its healing wisdom started to unlock deeply hidden memories of my inner roots.
As I was ready, the real world of ancestors
and their ancient traditions came to me.

I enjoy revealing long-forgotten truths because by it
I uncover long-forgotten parts of my own being.
Thanks to them, I am able to find and realize the ancient wounds that still have an impact on my life.
Now I can tell them that I have my strength again
to heal them. And to creatively shape my whole life.

By blending my talents with my passions,
I gradually reach deeper and deeper layers of my soul.
Along with that grows an inspiration and a desire
to share all those wonderful colours.

So, I work with and for other women,
who feel the strength and the need
to heal old injuries in their souls...
...but they may don't know yet
what does it mean exactly
and how to do it.

The story that brings me here

My channel of inspiration is always open, one creative ideal by another is flowing through it. I understand the connection between me and nature, between her and universe, between past, future and present. I feel many helpers and protectors around me, I know how to communicate with them… I know who I am, I know my path.

But, as you might guess, I wasn't born that way. Or I probably was, but before I matured, I got lost pretty well. In myself and in my life…

When I knew nothing of what I know today,
I was milled to the core.

I didn't know who I am or what to do in the world. The feelings of loss, vanity and inability were replaced by depressions and migraines. I was full of fears and blocks, that isolated me from the ground. I ran away from increasing problems in reality into esotericism.

After school, I was constantly overwhelmed by such existential issues that I literally fought every day to make it to another day. I was begging for the opportunity to work for no more meaning than to survive. After some time this condition deepened to the core. I didn't want to continue in such nonsense. I didn't want to live at such setting, nor in a system that does nothing with this epidemy, and perhaps somehow creates it on its own.

The bottom glitters with gold...

I had no choice but to keep believing that all bad things must once come to an end… that everything bad is good for something else, even if I don't see the connection now... that if I am down, I can only bounce up… I trusted in life and destiny, I trusted myself and my gifts.

I started to work harder on my lacks and stopped judging or planning. Often it was difficult and painful to forgive and leave old nonfunctional to replace it with new and functional. Especially when you want to go a unique barely beaten and a rather unknown way. 

However, I made a decision to surrender to my higher guidance. I filled my heart with confidence and let myself to be guided. I continued to search for the reason why I really am here and what should I do here. 

 It took me years to put many individual mosaic pieces together.
Until today I was mainly led by 3 important steps.

  • My heart has always been full of desire to create. In 2012 I met a graphic tablet and since then I have devoted myself to digital painting. It was the first step to a major change in my life, even though it wasn't on horizon at that time.
  • In 2016 I started to educate myself about business and marketing and stuff like that. To be able to take responsibility for my life into my own hands and be freer.
  • The year after (2017), the search for my true mission brought me to Avalon. For the first time I met the traditions of my ancestors in person, so I could experience them consciously. I got in deep touch with them and I discovered the missing link - the glue - for the individual pieces.

Path of a priestess, path of an artist = my path.

I realized that I was disconnected from nature and her cycles, I almost didn't know them. How could I know myself and be in touch with myself then? Our ancient ancestors lived in a completely different relationship with nature than we do today. Unlike us, they knew that she is made of the same elements and principles as we are. As long as they communicated with her, she gave them instructions about how to orient within their soul, body and life.

This is why I learn from their traditions how to work with nature, her expressions and cycles. At the same time, I am looking for ways how to actively involve the knowledge into my everyday life. And of course, I weave it also into my art. I found the missing part of my journey in it - the meaning, the value. My roots are growing in harmony with my spirit. I experience a connection with the landscape moving under my feet, as well as with the stars spinning above my head.

You can observe from my work that Celtic and Slavic blood is in me the most. It blends with the blood of the southern seas, western lands and eastern winds... and it goes far beyond fantasies and dreams 🙂

"Life is just a book of fairy-tales,
which everyone writes and illustrates."