mystical colouring book for a goddess

Welcome to a mysterious place

on the border of two worlds...

One of them is about us, women. About ancient secrets, which once were close and confidential to us. Coming from a time when we were priestesses, worshipping the Goddess in ourselves and in nature, conscious of the cycles that shape us as well as the magic that nourishes us.

The other world is about our men. About ancient oaths, which once bound them for ages and brought them out of the time when they were knights, worshipping the Goddess in their wives and mothers. Having faith in their hearts, making them invincible, and passion, making them almighty. 

Avalonia delivers a message from those times
when the oldest truths became to fade away
and portals between worlds to crumble...

Visit a place where history was written

Avalonia will take you to Britain, to a place full of legends, where most fabulous stories took place a long time ago. With suggestive images, you will travel to a mysterious area around Glastonbury in southwestern England. You will meet wizard Merlin or King Arthur there, dance on a hill where fairies used to, or pray to the spirits of nature where ancient druids did. You will visit a real place where the boundary between our reality and fairy-tale is so thin, that they blend together. Come back to familiar stories and look at them with new eyes this time.

Magical Avalon

Avalon is known from Arthurian legends as a lake island, constantly covered with dense fogs. Since ancient times, people believed that souls are coming here after death to prepare for their next adventures. There was also a centre of sacred teaching and magic. Avalon was dedicated to the Great Mother, who enjoyed high esteem in a pre-Christian world. Through her people worshipped motherhood and fertility, land and water, life and death, fauna and flora. In old pagan times, people were commonly aware of the world behind the veil. They knew beings dwelling on the other side: souls of deads, fairies, elves, devas, and other subtle or magical ones.

Connect with the Goddess

Avalonia is home of the Goddess and you can meet her there in many of her forms. Bring her close to you to remember your own seed of divinity within you. Priestesses of Avalon will help you to wake it back to life and show you how to take care of it to make it bloom.

 Give Avalon your own colours

Today, you can wander with me between the two worlds and imagine shrines and temples with gardens and groves at a time when chosen saints lived here, teaching humanity to cosmic truths, guarding the balance of natural forces and overseeing events off the island using magic.

As a famous resident of Avalon, remember for example Morgan Le Fay - a sorceress and later one of the most important high priestesses of the island, whose origins extend beyond the human world. In addition to her, you will meet other well-known characters from legends, as well as those possibly nameless, but perhaps even more interesting...


Avalon attracts us because its time was indeed a time of faith and magic. Perhaps now is the time for us to understand the knowledge, hidden between words of myths and legends...
...and even in the landscape around us.

What will Avalonia give you?

a book full of

inspirational stories
colouring pages

in more details

  • You will remember the ancient experiences and wisdom of our ancestors.
  • You will learn something interesting about famous legends, you don't know yet.
  • You will visit a magical place and connect with its spirit in the comfort of your home.
  • You will creatively support a thriving of your feminity.
  • You will have about 40 new colouring pages, in addition to the pages of the book itself.

Avalonian colouring book is just about to be finished! 😉

How much is done?
Kateřina Polčanová

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